Located in the northern corner of Europe renowned for Nordic design and technical innovation, Stramos provides businesses worldwide gorgeous and creative LED screen solutions for memorable corporate events and visibility at trade shows.

Our state of the art technology allows companies to gain exclusive visibility and customer experience with eye catching creative LED screen solutions in various original shapes. Versatility and simplicity are our key principles. We deeply believe that innovation and creativity must match everyday practicalities.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

— Mark Twain —

Our Team

  • Naba Kumar
    Naba KumarCEO & Founder
  • Janne Manninen
    Janne ManninenCOO & Co-founder
  • Aki Lempinen
    Aki LempinenChief Engineer & Co-founder
  • Ville Nenonen
    Ville NenonenSenior Mechanics Engineer
  • Mika Niinistö
    Mika NiinistöLead Software Developer
  • Toober Nguyen
      Toober NguyenPre-Sales and Marketing

    Our Advisers

    • Mikko Leino
      Mikko LeinoFounder and Owner, Datawell
    • Petri Lehmuskoski
      Petri LehmuskoskiFounder, Gorilla Ventures
    • Pekka Karimaa
      Pekka KarimaaDirector, Google Enterprise Services at Tieto
    • Samuli Seppälä
      Samuli SeppäläFounder, Verkkokauppa.com

    Our Sponsors and Partners

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    Stramos is a fast growing company and looks forward to people interested in partnership. If you are into exciting world of fast international growth and have valuable contribution to offer, please consider reaching out to us.

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