4 brand promotion trends to watch in 2015

The marketing landscape is constantly shaped by technological developments and deepening digitalisation. While this requires brands to constantly be on the lookout, it also offers new possibilities to promote the brand message. Here are four of the most interesting trends of brand promotion to look at this year.

Go mobile-first

The use of mobile devices has exploded in the last few years, and people spend more and more time with their mobile devices every day. This provides a huge opportunity for brands to reach customers in real time. In fact, brands should go mobile-first when it comes to their marketing messaging from emails to website content. Another good idea is to consider creating a mobile app, as it allows better interaction with the app users. Mobile app is therefore an effective channel for brand promotion.

Pump up the speed

Due to the increase in the use of mobile devices, the marketing environment has become more fast-paced than ever before. Speed has therefore become a key factor in brand promotion. Brands need to be constantly ready to react to their customers’ needs and their competitors’ moves. For example, fast on-line customer service is a good way to impress the customer.

Invest in videos

Videos are definitely on the rise. Social media giants from Facebook to Twitter are increasingly developing their platforms to provide better opportunities for brand promotion via video marketing. The power of video lies in building more human interactions between the customer and the brand, which again helps to build trust. Videos also contribute to developing a distinctive brand voice. Producing videos does not have to be expensive or complicated either. Check out these 15 tips on filming and editing marketing videos.

Personalise the message

We live in the crossfire of marketing messages. Customers do not pay attention to the generic marketing messages coming from every direction. Instead, they expect more personalised messaging. Therefore brands need to focus their energy into providing more customised experiences to customers in order to capture their attention and to truly engage them. Thanks to the increasing digitalisation, it is possible to gain a deeper customer understanding, which also makes it much easier to personalise the message.

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