4 ways to stand out in trade shows

Trade shows offer a great chance to gain exposure, generate leads and build relationships. However, in the middle of all the noise and distractions during the event, it is important to know how to stand out in trade shows.

To make the most of your trade show participation, try the following tips on attracting the crowds.

Make your stand unique

First impressions are crucial. Poor visual appeal of the stand is a sure way to steer visitors away to your competitor’s stand. In order to stand out in the trade show, you need to create a unique look for your trade stand. Invest in visually appealing elements that reinforce your brand, such as graphics, signs or displays. Remember that since trade shows are full of visual chaos, it is a good idea to keep the overall look clear and approachable.

The creative LED screens of Stramos are a perfect way to maximise the visibility of your stand and to attract more visitors.

Invest in technology

Technology offers endless possibilities for standing out in trade shows. Elements such as touchscreens can be used to showcase products and services as well as to educate the visitors. You can also try proximity marketing in attracting visitors. You can send messages and offers to the people near your stand that encourage them to visit. This can be done with Bluetooth, WiFi or iBeacon, for example.

Leverage social media

In addition to creating a buzz before the trade show takes place, social media can also be used during the event. Post actively and use relevant hashtags so that people interested in the trade show – including people who were not able to attend – will see your posts. Remember to also add social sharing buttons on the promotions of your trade show attendance, such as landing pages.

Train the staff

Your trade show staff represents your brand, so training them appropriately to the job is crucial. The staff needs to have a clear understanding of the product and the company, as well as great people skills. Approaching the by-passers aggressively is just as off-putting as ignoring them. Casual and friendly small talk is a much better way to approach the visitors, without forgetting eye contact and a friendly smile.

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