5 corporate event design ideas for your inspiration

Corporate events are an essential form of corporate communication. However, as the corporate event has gained more and more popularity as a form of marketing, guests have become harder to impress. Guests expect well-organized and flawless events, which means that careful planning and preparation are the key to the event’s success.

Creating visually appealing and inspiring environments that influence how people interact with one another is essential in corporate event design. Details such as colors, decor and lighting all contribute to creating the right atmosphere. We picked five key corporate event design ideas that currently dominate in corporate event planning.

1. Utilisation of technology

Technology continues to play a big role in corporate events. Ranging from lighting, audio, video and scenic technology solutions, comprehensive and imaginative utilisation of technology is a key factor in creating unique experiences for the guests. Technology is also incorporated into event furnishings by providing mobile charging stations, for example.

2. Balance and contrast

Although it is important to maintain a cool technological edge in corporate event design, it is equally important to make sure that the space does not lose its warmth in the process. Today corporate event designers utilise both modern and traditional elements in order to create inviting and approachable, yet trendy and visionary spaces. Check out these ideas on combining traditional and modern on Pinterest.

3. Customisation

Customisation of the event space is another trend in corporate event design. Customisation can extend from furniture to design pieces displayed in the space. Unique and personalised elements create wow-experiences and reinforce the brand message.

4. Focus on details

Even the smallest and the most subtle details can make a memorable impact on guests. Details contribute to the overall brand message that is being conveyed at the event. Carefully-thought fabrics or tableware are add the final touch to the event space.

5. Social integration

Social media is increasingly being incorporated into corporate events. This is taken into account in corporate event design for example by providing specific areas or lounges for social networking.

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