Corporate event inspirations

From the décor of the event space to the program, corporate event planning is about finding the right ingredients that will create a unique and memorable experience for the attendees. We gathered a few corporate event ideas for your future events that will help you earn a place in your attendees’ minds and hearts.

1. Minimalist design

Minimalism is a prevailing trend in corporate event design. For example, simple yet elegant furnishings create a clean look and allow the attendees to focus their attention to the actual purpose of the event. Ditching the extra clutter also leaves room for the key pieces, displays or elements to stand out.

2. Focus on colours

Colours affect our feelings and moods, whether we are aware of it or not. The colour palette used in the corporate event – the lights, furniture and fabrics – affects how the attendees experience the brand and can even affect their decision-making. The key thing is to define the message you want the attendees to experience and then use colour to support it. Event Planner Association gives more tips on how you can utilise the psychology of colour in your corporate events. Another good idea is to search for inspiration on successful colour choices from luxury brand ads.  

3. Embracing the use of social media

The increase in the use of mobile devices has created new ways for the organisers and the guests to interact. Event organisers can encourage social media activity by providing social networking areas in the event. This can earn the organiser a plenty of valuable social media mentions and user-generated content. This increased participation of guests is likely to bring greater engagement.

4. Immersive and experiential events

Experiential marketing that focuses on providing emotional experiences to the audience has also found its way into corporate events. Activities that encourage participation create greater engagement between the attendees and the organisers. Group activities, workshops or even interactive performances are all good ways to inspire the attendees. The key idea here is that the event is co-created with the attendees, not just for them.

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