Benefits of renting LED screens in trade shows

Let’s face it: a traditional roll-up or a beach flag at your stand isn’t going to cut it nowadays. LED screens are quickly becoming the new standard. Your company has the responsibility to stay relevant. Or you could always fade into the background, if that’s your choice. Many companies that attend all kinds of events now face the question: should we rent them or invest and purchase the screens? We offer hassle-free solutions to get your company visibility and interactive-ness at events.

So why rent a screen rather than buy? Here are some great arguments for it:

1) Always get the perfect screen for your event. Different occasions require different screens.Need interaction? Have a giant touchscreen. Just need something big and flashy? Have a 3D-LED screen of your company logo for that extra attention-grabbing.

2) Because of the aforementioned nature that requires highly customed solutions, why on earth would you buy and own such screens? Just more things to worry about. Let us handle all the little details and you get to enjoy the results.

3) Renting is ecological – your company makes and environmentally responsible decision. LEDs also use incredibly little electricity.

For example, our Magnificent Cube 3D design LED screen starts at 3600€ (including installation and content creation service) for one day, and half of that for subsequent days. Another option would be a thin and lightweight event sign which begins at 490€.

So to summarize, by renting you always get the best solution for your event, you don’t have the worries and costs of owning the screen and you maximize your brand appeal and client interaction!

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