How to use LED signs for events?

Digital LED signs are an effective way to stand out at events. Whether at an entertainment event or a corporate event, the signs can be used to create the right atmosphere that communicates the brand and increases customer trust.

However, in order to resonate with the attendees, a few things should be taken into consideration when using them. Top-notch technology and eye-catching designs won’t make the signs automatically reach their purpose. It is also important to pay attention to the message content and the placement of the signs in order to create an impact as powerful as possible. Here is a couple of tips for using LED signs at events.

Tailor your messages for the target audience

Digital LED signs enable highly customised messaging. Whether displaying textual or graphic content on the LED signs, think about what kind of messaging would work best in engaging the attendees. The key is to display interesting, creative and concise messages that clearly convey what your brand is about.

With certain type of LED signs, it is possible to operate the messaging remotely from any location over the internet. This makes it possible to quickly adjust the messaging according to the attendees’ reactions.

Pay attention to the placement of the signs

It is also important to find the optimal placement for the signs. LED signs hardly ever go completely unnoticed due to their piercing brightness, but their placement certainly affect their performance. Try to place the signs in central positions in the event space to ensure maximum visibility. Also, hanging the signs is a good way to get the message out there without getting in the middle of the crowd.

A good example of successful LED sign usage is the collaboration of Stramos and App Studio at Myymälä 2015 retail show to showcase both Stramos LED tiles and Apps Studio’s Catcher iPad stands. Stramos LED tiles helped to attract a lot of interested visitors to the booth, since they were visible all the way from the other end of the hall.

Depending on the purpose of the event, LED signs can be used to entertain, to inform or to advertise. The main goal in using LED signs for events is to create a memorable experience and positive emotions that the customers will associate with your brand.

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