LED corporate interior design inspirations

Businesses are increasingly utilizing LED solutions as an interior design element in their premises. The power of LED signs and screens lies in the fact that they contribute to the overall ambiance of the space, thus effectively reinforcing and communicating the company brand.

LED screen solutions are a perfect way to create a unique and modern look that speaks to anyone who visits the premises. Whether you want to convey your message in a dramatic or a more sophisticated way, the highly versatile LED solutions allow you to experiment with different approaches. Here are a few LED corporate interior design ideas for your inspiration.

Get creative with shape

LED screen displays can be adapted to function well within each space. You can fill the space with traditional flat screens – or you can get creative and get your LED screen displays built in more innovative shapes. Customized LED screens are an excellent way to create a unique look for the space and make an impact on your visitors. Invest in eye-catching LED centerpieces, pillars that provide high ambiance visibility or flat screens for providing information.

Placement matters

You can experiment with various placements of the LED screen displays to add a unique touch to the space. Digital LED screen displays can be placed on the floor or hanged from the walls or the ceiling. Thin and cordless signs offer more options for placement, as it is easy to mount them on different surfaces, even on furniture.

The placement depends on the purpose of the LED signage display, which can be anything from providing information, creating ambiance or displaying marketing content. Check out how CenturyLink used led columns in the lobby of their new technology center to create a unique technological experience for their visitors or guests.

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