Six ways to build your brand in trade shows

Trade shows are an excellent way to communicate with current and potential customers and convey your brand image. This post will shed some light on how to distinguish yourself from the tens or hundreds of competitors also attending the show.

Do you have eye candy?

Your stand needs to have something that will draw the visitor’s attention. Nothing beats a big neon sign or something moving to catch one’s eye. Or you could dress the people at your booth in something that will stand out (but nothing too absurd.) As long as people drifting past stop and interact with you!

Don’t be passive

The worst mistake you can make is just pose and smile behind your table during the show. Prepare a short sales pitch that communicates your product’s benefits in a few sentences.

Show your product

People want to see and experience your product. The booths that offer interaction are always the crowd’s favourite. Let people participate in the demonstration and they will remember it.

Be active before the show

Organize a pre-show campaign that will tell people, especially your existing clients and contacts, about your booth beforehand, and advertise your main attraction, so that people will actively seek your booth when they came to the show. Communicate to both people and organizations for better results.

And after the show

You didn’t attend the show for no reason, you want contacts and sales leads! Make use of all the contacts that you picked up during the show and thank them for their interest and continue the conversation you started. Plan beforehand who is responsible for managing the contacts and what you can offer for your existing clients at the show.

But most of all, be memorable

All of the things mentioned before are fruitless if you don’t stand out. Give an intriguing and professional image of your company, brand and product while offering relevant and interesting content before, during and after the show to both old and new contacts.

In conclusion, be creative and leave an imprint about your brand on the visitor’s mind. Do the pre- and post-show work with care and you will get great results.

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