Trade show attraction solutions for your inspiration

At trade shows, brands are focusing their efforts on creating impactful experiences to visitors. Technology is an increasingly relevant component of the brands’ trade show strategy, as it offers endless possibilities for engaging the visitors. The following trade show attraction solutions are increasingly popular in getting more foot traffic to the stand.

Create an impressive look with LED digital screen

Visual appeal is a crucial factor determining the success of your stand. It won’t matter whether you have high-quality products and services if the visitors won’t find their way to your stand. LED digital screen is a powerful trade show attraction solution, which creates a unique trade show presence. In addition to grabbing the attention of the visitors, LED screen helps to effectively communicate what your brand is all about.

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Use location-based services to reach visitors

Location-based services are an excellent trade show attraction solution. Technologies such as WiFi and iBeacons enable triggering smartphone messages based on people’s location. You can send offers and notifications to the visitors near your stand and this way persuade them to come and visit your stand. A good approach is to offer free consultation or an extra prize to the visitors in order to lure them in.

Offer virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality solutions offer an innovative chance to showcase products and services via smartphones or tablets and to create an interactive experience for the visitors. For example, you can spice up the booth walls with animated graphics or videos, or build a game around your product. Visitors will get a better idea of your product, which accelerates their decision-making process.

Add the final touch with the right lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when designing trade show stands. That is why it is also an excellent way to set apart your stand from the competition. Lighting affects the general mood of the stand and it can highlight certain elements within the stand. Whether you’ll want to create a dramatic or a more sophisticated atmosphere, lighting is a crucial part of it.

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