Alihankinta 2015, The international Subcontracting Fair

The International Subcontracting Trade Fair, which was held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre from 15 to 17 September, attracted a total of 16,955 visitors and approximately 1,000 exhibitors from 20 countries.

Stramos Magnificent Cube’ s was setup on the side of RD Velho’s booth as an attraction point for the visitors. The cube enhanced the strong high-end technology and expertise of RD Velho in the trade show.

RD Velho Ltd is a strongly growing engineering company which has concentrated on producing product development services for electrical and electro-mechanical devices. Their core competence can be found in the mechanical engineering, industrial design and industrial package design.

“Our feeling about Stramos Magnificent Cube  was really good. Stramos Magnificent Cube was  an important role in creating first impression of whole booth. It reflects new technology and the  variety of pictures provides positive feeling. There were many people interested in the technology inside of cube. Big benefit to us was that we could tell our customers that we have been involved in cube product development” – Mika Kiljala, CEO

Case Study

Download case study with RD Velho at Alihankinta 2015 Subcontracting Fair. Creative LED screen was installed at trade show booth to give a good first impression to booth visitors.



RD Velho


Tampere, Finland

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