Tikkurila Festival 2015 – Finland’s largest domestic music festival

Tikkurila Festival was held in Vantaa, Finland. The goal was to be the country’s largest purely domestic music festival. This year, the festival reached a record of nearly 20 000 visitors. Additionally, Tikkurila festival has proven to be one of Finland’s most environmentally friendly music events.

Stramos Magnificent Cube’ s mission was to promote the main sponsors of Tikkurila Festival. It had created a fun and modern look for the festival. Installation was done at a prime location, right around the main entrance, visible from both VIP lounges and the main stage area. With FatBoys scattered around the cube, visitors could comfortably sit and enjoy the fantastic music show.


Tikkurila Festival


24 July – 25 July 2015
Hiekkaharjun urheilupuisto – Vantaa – Finland

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