Stramos Business Service

Ideal for long duration rental and visual marketing campaigns, Stramos Business Service addresses your most pressing need to execute marketing campaigns with LED digital signage in holistic and fully supported system, leaving you in peace to get the campaign results and focus more on your core business.

Business Service combines our capabilities across Stramos LED digital signage concepts, technology deployment and maintenance, and visual content management to provide scalable end-to-end service.

Business Service spans all four services — technology deployment, maintenance, content management and campaign execution.

Tell us about your digital signage needs and learn how we can bring more value to your visual marketing campaigns.

Custom LED screens and LED light effects

The same technology that powers Stramos LED screens is also available for custom installation of LED light effects, displays and patterns for interior designs. Based on your design requirements for the lighting and interior decorations, Stramos creates just the right technology implementation.

  • Custom LED pitch.
  • Custom LED intensity power.
  • Effects and patterns software programming.
  • Installation and mounting.

Tell us about your interior design lighting and effects needs and bring to light your design dreams.

Free on-site evaluation and design proposal

We understand every corporate event, trade show booth or interior design is special in its own way and requires thoughtful analysis to maximize the business returns from LED solutions. Whether it be for creating new customer experience, larger marketing reach or attracting customers in special ways, our experts will provide free evaluation of your project requirements.

  • Phone consultancy before purchase or rent.
  • On-site visit to evaluate placement and design.
  • Demo visit (Finland Uusimaa region. For international regions, please query it).
  • Receive a tailor-made project proposal with right LED solution implementation.

For short rentals on popular LED screen shapes, see rental products listing.

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