Stramos LED Screen

What is Stramos LED Screen?

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Stramos in Finland, Stramos LED Screen is a fresh way to combine innovative LED signage technology and creativity. The core technology is small and full color Stramos LED display tiles that can snap together like toy blocks and build unconventional 3D and 2D shape LED screens. Achieving creative eye-catching LED screens for customer attraction and event marketing has never been this versatile.

Stramos LED Tiles
Stramos Diamond Wireframe
Stramos Pillar
Stramos Wave

What’s special about Stramos LED Screen?

Unique 3D and 2D shape designs

Unique small shape of Stramos LED display tiles and corner connection design allow building large-format LED screens in creative 3D shapes to suit your event marketing. The beautiful and innovative shape designs enhance customer experience and visibility for marketing campaigns.

Ultrathin LED display tiles

At only 2.3cm thin, Stramos LED Screen is thinnest known LED screen available in the market. Mounting panels of LED display tiles on walls, furniture and ceilings for great designs is no longer a compromise to aesthetics. The thin mount of Stramos LED Screen makes the installation subtle and pleasant to view.

No external controller

Unlike other LED screens, Stramos LED screens do not have any external controller. The display control is integrated within the tiles and connected wirelessly to Internet. Each LED tile has its own smart controller enable the building of non-rectangular screens through self-configuration.

Cordless and modular

Stramos LED display tiles work together without any cables connecting between them and can snap together in arbitrary fashion to build non-flat designs needed for 3D or 2D cut-out LED screens. Cordless connectivity ensures as little hassle as possible — giving room for design versatility in such unconventional shapes.

How’s content for Stramos LED Screen displayed?

Forget expensive video creation and processing usually associated with traditional LED screens. Stramos LED Screen is unique in utilizing state-of-the-art Stramos Cloud Service to create full color content and animation from marketing graphics alone. The drag and drop user-interface lets you design content with similar ease to familiar power point presentations. Trivially upload and manage the content remotely over Internet from anywhere or operate offline by downloading locally.

Designed to make a difference

Cordless modular system

The simple plug and play modular system of Stramos LED Screen delivers a creative and easy set-up. LED display tiles snap together with no external cabling other than power cables, keeping the installation clean and easy.

No external controller

Unlike traditional LED screens, Stramos LED Screen does not involve external controller system. This greatly reduces complexity in wiring and setup.


At 156g per tile (15.4 kg/sq.m.), Stramos LED Screen is industry competitive light weight. They are easy for installation, handling and transportation.

Self support or mount

Each LED display tile has independent lock mechanism for self supporting structures and attachment points for surface mounts. Some floor placed designs easily and sufficiently self-supported.

Ultra-thin and seamless

At 2.3 cm thin, Stramos LED Screen is thinnest available, making it easy mount on different surfaces like walls, furniture and ceilings. It is also seamless, and free of bezels providing a clear and powerful images.


Stramos LED Screen connects to Internet via wifi connectivity. The content can be remotely created and managed from anywhere.

16 million colors

Full color graphics and animation capabilities to convey impressive brand statements. The content are prepared from graphics, avoiding expensive video creation and processing.

How does Stramos LED Screen compare?

Stramos LED Screen Other LED Screens LCD/TV signage Light Box
Modern & Dynamic
High brightness impact
Long viewing range
Arbitrary 2D shapes
Unique 3D shapes
Ultra Thin
High resolution
Easy setup
No external controller

Technical Specification

Stramos LED Screen
LED pitch 6mm
Color RGB 16 million colors
Tile size 10cm x 10cm
LEDs per tile 256 RGB SMD LEDs
Thickness 2.3 cm
Refresh rate 300 Hz
Weight 152g/tile or 15.2Kg/sq.m.
Power consumption 2.5W per tile (maximum). Avg. 1W, depending on the content
LED lifetime 50,000 hours or 5.8 years non-stop use.
Storage MicroSD card support (master tile)
Connectivity WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g support (master tile)
Tile protocol Proprietary optical link
Display protocol Proprietary TCP/IP protocol
Power supply Multi-point parallel power supply. 24V/10A per point (power tile)
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
Water proof No. Indoor use only
Warranty 3 years parts and labor warranty
Shipping International
Service See Stramos business service

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