For corporate events
Increase customer trust and partner loyalty

Your clients are your lifeblood; thank them for their business. An event is one of the most important forms of corporate communication because it showcases your company’s image. And image is everything. Creative LED screens’ modern and memorable shapes and strong ambiance of LED technology, bring out the blend of your brand appeal and client appreciation. The result: customer trust, partner loyalty, and new business for all involved.

Many of us enjoy attending fun, energetic and well organized corporate events, and those of us who plan events are aware of the substantial amount of preparation that takes place behind the scenes. Stramos creative LED screens makes sure your efforts are well appreciated by clients with its fresh and high-impact experience.

For Trade Shows

Set apart your business in events with maximum visibility

Creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stand is vital to creating a strong impression and standing out at a trade show. First impressions really do count when it comes to attracting booth traffic. Even though your company may have superior products or services, poor visual appeal can steer potential customers away from you into the hands of the competition.

Stramos’ creative LED screen increases visual range and attraction with attractive 3D design shapes, and sets apart your business in events with extraordinary LED ambiance and presence. Miss no critical customers and business partners by cutting through the noise in highly crowded space. The boosted attention and range for your booth promotion really makes a big difference to ROI in generating customer leads.

Stramos LED Tiles - YLE LED cube
Stramos LED Tiles - Hanging Pillar
Stramos LED Tiles - Myymala Stramos LED Tiles

For Retails

Grab the attention of customers and passing traffic

Stramos LED Tiles - Verkkokauppa LED design

Stramos creative LED screen provides boosted experience, attention and range for your promotions and messages compared to conventional displays. It increases sales by making sure your customers receive one-of-kind store experience with modern LED ambience and capitalize on activating impulse purchases. 40% of shoppers buy on impulse purchases.

As a retailer, you’re facing more competition than ever before. Stramos creative LED screens help you stand out in the crowd and increase foot traffic and visibility for your store. As you battle online retailers and discount stores for market share, an LED screen is a dynamic and effective tool for communicating to your potential customers instantly. With all the advertising and marketing messages we are deluged with every day, an LED screen solution cut through the clutter and grabs the attention of potential customers already at your doorstep.

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